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Too many irons in the fire.

Sat down to work on one story, and immediately remembered (saw?) my NaNoWriMo project from 2006. Opened that up. Started reading. Started detailing how it could be better. Got obsessed with that. Like 1.5 hours and 1,200 words (give or take) into that.

One hour on the outline tonight. I think that finishes it. I think. Parts of it still don’t sit right. But I think now it needs to be written. That’s the only way to figure out how all those other parts connect. (Not that I’m unhappy with how things turned out…) Anyway. That’s enough for one night.

1.5 hours tonight. More outlining. Going through what I already have with a fine-toothed comb. Straightened out a few bits, but there are some tricky snarls toward the end. And that end. That end. That unwritten end. Where I wind up with what’s left (of what’s written down) determines that end. But in the meantime…

One hour tonight. More of the Tunguska re-outlining project (like last night). On a bit of a roll but night-time day-job work stuff calls…

One hour tonight of dedicated re-outlining on the Tunguska project. My notes had a bunch of loose ends that I surprised myself by tying up. It gives some new dimensions to the story and keeps with the spirit that I intended all along. This will be a fun one to re-write.

An hour tonight on the Tunguska story’s revisions and re-outlining. More work to do there. I got to the end of “what’s written”, so that’s good enough for one night. But I find myself wondering: What do these characters want? I know—but it’s not in the text. Time to meditate a little on that, and then finish the outline. And then re-outline again from that.

1 hour. The re-tread of that Tunguska story continues. Good progress; about 2/3 of the existing story re-outlined. Another night or two should finish that, but then there’s the fact that it needs to have its ending rounded out.

Meanwhile, I’m going to want to work on that new idea.

1.5 hours tonight. Outlining, mostly. Revising. Always big projects.

Tonight: 1 hour of revising and outlining. Got to “the end” (“as written”) of that other project I’ve been poking at. Started detailing what its revisions will look like. Good enough for one night. (For that project, at least.)

Because I haven’t in too long. And but so only one hour tonight. Still waiting for my beta readers to get back to me on that last project. In the meantime: tiny increments on this other, older project.

Only an hour tonight. But a good hour. (I’d forgotten how… charming this story is at times.)

2 hours tonight. Around 8,477 word read, analyzed (sort of), and tweaked. (New-ish projects are fun.)

Only managed a half hour of editing/revising/writing tonight. But better than not at all.