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Sep 06

How to Beat the Slush Pile -

At The Literary Man.

Oct 25

The Only Writing Advice That Matters

The Only Writing Advice That Matters

Oct 04

In case you didn’t see it on any of my other social media venues:

I sold my first piece of fiction!

"Where the Air Is Sweet and the Clouds Are a Different Shape" will appear in Please Do Not Remove, which is being edited by Angela Palm and should be coming out in Spring 2014.

More when there’s more to say.

Needless to say: pumped.

Apr 02


Feb 13

Basic Training for Writers -

John Joseph Adams. I’d like to do one of these workshops one day. It may be just the thing I need…

Dec 16

The 4 Story Structures that Dominate Novels -

A not-profound (but kind of entertaining) “writing about writing” essay over at about what Orson Scott Card believes to be the four “meta-structures” of novels. (My words, not his.)

Posting this link here because I want to try to keep this little Tumblr alive, at least for a while longer. Life circumstances have made it difficult for me to keep my nose to my muse’s grindstone. (She also seems to have misplaced that grindstone…)

Thus: this instead of how many hours and words. (Since there haven’t been any hours and words in a while.)

Nov 15


How inspiration works. 
Read the rest of the comic here:



How inspiration works. 

Read the rest of the comic here:


(via laughingsquid)

Nov 14

Too many irons in the fire.

Sat down to work on one story, and immediately remembered (saw?) my NaNoWriMo project from 2006. Opened that up. Started reading. Started detailing how it could be better. Got obsessed with that. Like 1.5 hours and 1,200 words (give or take) into that.

Nov 10

The idea was right. The approach was all wrong. Dove back in to what I wrote a few nights ago. Burned it all down. Thought about this; you need to be specific, you need to be physical.

And so I was.

About two hours. Only 811 words, but it counted for something.

Nov 07

Only a half-hour tonight. Give or take. Only about 300 words tonight. Give or take.

My momentum has dried up and blown away. But here I am. Chasing after it.

The past few weeks have me burnt out. And especially after last night. I’ll get back in the saddle. And it starts with 300 words and a half-hour session.

Oct 29

One hour on the outline tonight. I think that finishes it. I think. Parts of it still don’t sit right. But I think now it needs to be written. That’s the only way to figure out how all those other parts connect. (Not that I’m unhappy with how things turned out…) Anyway. That’s enough for one night.

why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year -

Take your notes and throw them away. Shred your outlines. Murder your characters and burn down your settings. Do it now. Celebrate the destruction and watch something marvelous rise from the ashes. And then watch that marvelous beast contort into something hideously beautiful by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

Oct 28

1.5 hours tonight. More outlining. Going through what I already have with a fine-toothed comb. Straightened out a few bits, but there are some tricky snarls toward the end. And that end. That end. That unwritten end. Where I wind up with what’s left (of what’s written down) determines that end. But in the meantime…